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内容摘要: On January 24, the, the largest mines of the GEM, was seen as the resumption of trading. No surprises were that the stock price was present...

On January 24, the , the largest mines of the GEM, was seen as the resumption of trading. No surprises were that the stock price was presented on a daily limit, but surprisingly, the GEM was as if a retaliation came in the form of "bad luck" Sexual rebound. Shigekura GEM Fund also ushered in a long absence, the day of the initiative to manage the highest raised public funds 4.42%. "Financial Investment News" reporter found that, as of the end of the fourth quarter of last year, has announced four seasons reported active equity funds, a total of 28 funds in the top ten Awkwardness at least 5 from the GEM, and stock positions at 6 Into the above, of which long letter Rui Jin in the fourth quarter of last year, large-scale buying intervention.

6 GEM fund rose over 3%

data show that January 24 opening, GEM mean took about half an hour to digest the impact brought by the music network limit, then after another influx of funds GEM index stocks. light media television media sector and Huace limit, the former science and technology stocks leading ChinaNetCenter rose 8.39 percent. The GEM index rose 2.57%, 19 GEM stocks daily limit, trading volume also sharply expanded to 91.6 billion yuan, an increase over the previous trading day more than 330 billion yuan.

In this promotion, Shigekura GEM small-cap style fund ushered in a long absence. According to statistics, among the actively managed equity funds, Yinhua Style A / C rose by 4.42%, becoming the highest-performing active equity fund of the day. The fund was established on November 9, 2017, is still in the Jiancang period, has not yet released four seasons. However, from the increase point of view, you can guess the current position of the fund is not low, as an industry-themed fund, the media may be one of the main targets of the fund Shigekura. On the same day, the average growth rate of the media sector was 2.97%, ranking No.17 in 28 industries in SWS. No.1

Tai Hsin Industry Selection A, Penghua Culture Media Entertainment, Central European Value Selection Return A, UBS SDIC Core businesses, Kim Shin Shenzhen growth, Soochow mobile Internet A total of 6 funds rose more than 3%. From the latest four quarterly report of view, these funds, in addition to the value of the return of the EU value of the election, the other five funds are in the top ten Awkwardness in the proportion of GEM shares are not low. For example, the top 1, 2 and 4 Awkwardness stocks in Thailand's industry are all GEM stocks, namely, Guangzhuan Media, Huace Film and Television, Huayi Brothers . The three stocks together account for 28.5% of the total net positions. Penghua culture media entertainment Awkwardness in the top ten in the GEM only 5 shares.

As for the index funds , the highest increase was reached in the media industry on the same day, reaching 4.07%. Among the funds tracking the relevant indexes of the GEM, the biggest gains were 50ETF, accounting for 3.43%, while the rest of the GEM stocks rose more than 2.2% To 2.6%.

28 Only Fund Shigekura GEM

As GEM continued to adjust in the past two years, the active management of equity funds for GEM continued to decline. To the latest position data, the published four seasons reported only more than 2120 active management of equity funds, only 981 funds Awkwardness of the top 10 shares in the configuration of GEM stocks, accounting for 46%. Among them, the top ten Awkwardness configured at least three GEM stocks a total of 183 shares, accounting for 8.6%, while the Top Ten Awkwardish at least 5 GEM stocks with only 29 funds, accounting for 1.37%, consider stock positions, of which 28 fund positions in more than 60%, regarded as Shigekura GEM.

Long Xin Rui Jin top ten Awkwardness all from the GEM, in terms of the number of Shigekura GEM stocks ranked first. The fund was established in July 2015, check the position of the fund can be found in the fourth quarter of last year, the fund "dip" GEM. As early as the end of the third quarter of last year, its top ten Awkwardness has not been a GEM stocks, but to the end of the fourth quarter, the fund will reconfigure the crystal Sheng Electrical , Wen's shares , Ireland Eye , Anke Biotechnology , ShinewayTech communication , clean water source and the like. As of the end of the fourth quarter of last year, its stock position reached 87.53%, the top ten Awkwardness share of the net ratio of 31.32%.

Second only to the long letter Rui Jin is known to stick to the GEM in post strategic emerging industries, the fund in the last quarter of last year, the top ten Awkwardness shares a total of 8 as the GEM, including spin information , Kang pharmaceutical , Arima software , Kunlun World Wide Web , Tiger medicine, etc., but, compared to the long letter Rui into their positions more centralized, top ten Awkwardness GEM stocks accounting for The net fund value of reached 49.87%. On January 24, Changxin Ruijin and China Post Strategic Emerging Industries rose by 2.06% and 2.34% respectively.

In addition, Huatai Baorui Quantitative Excellence, China Post Information Industry, Wells Fargo National Security, Huaan Media Internet, Puyin AXA Value Growth A, BOCOM Data Industry, BOCOM Scientific Innovation, Harvest Strategic Growth, Morgan Stanley Multi-factor strategy Shigekura GEM stocks in between 6-8. Two of them are quantitative strategy funds. It is easy to see that the quantitative models of these funds still tend to be small-medium-sized ones.





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